NYC is Taking the Blinders Off


The other night, here in NYC, I attended the screening for the film ‘Blinders‘ hosted by Alec Baldwin and PETA. The turn out was great! The film was even better.

If you missed the screening, you can read about it here –

NY Daily News

NY Times

Entertainment Tonight

I have been here in NYC for a while working on the ban for Horse Drawn Carriages and the support this issue is getting is so overwhelmingly positive. Every where I go, I meet people who see my button that reads, ‘Ban Horse Drawn Carriages‘ or they over hear me talking to someone about the need for the ban and they come over and say, “I totally support getting the horses off the streets of NY.’ The people on NY are ready to dump this abusive ‘tradition’ and move on to better and non-abusive things.

I was so happy to read some of the proposals to replace the horse drawn carriages. The number one proposal that I am excited about is the electric-hybrid replica of vintage cars. Not only does it save horses from the chaotic streets of NYC but also it is environmental friendly. (Once I get photos, I will post them)

Not all my time in NYC is focused on getting the horses into a sanctuary, well 90 percent of my time is, but that is not what I want to share with you today.

Mylie T came up to visit not too long ago and we had a blast together so I just wanted to share some of the photos from her visit.


The rest of the photos are in the Zombie Popcorn Photo Gallery


  • Julie1

    June 24, 2008

    WhoooHOOO!!!! So happy to see so much public support of this cause! Everyone needs to see Blinders!


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