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Hello Zombies, my name is Josh Browning and Jason has asked me if I would like to write for Zombie Popcorn, so after we talked over some fresh brains, I accepted! I have a great love for horror movies and would love to share some of my thoughts and opinions with you all, so on to my first Blog!

I haven’t seen Halloween 2 yet but,

With Halloween 2 hitting the theaters this weekend (and TOTALLY getting smashed by Final Destination for some reason) it got me thinking about the fans who are seeing it. Some of them are really digging Rob Zombie’s style and take on the franchise. Then on the other hand, there are the hardcore Halloween fans – like myself – who think that the original is a piece of horror art, and think Zombie may have went overboard into his whit-trash, fowl mouth, world to re-vamp the series.  But, is what Rob Zombie doing really as blasphemous as we “Classic” fans are making it out to be?

You kind of have to put yourself in a new Halloween fan’s shoes for a minute, and look at it from a TOTALLY different perspective.  I saw the original when I was maybe 6 or 7, and many times more since then. So it has burned a spot in my head as being untouchable.  The same goes with Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so on. But, there are many I didn’t see when I was younger as well (The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, Last House on the Left, ect.) and I have now seen them in my older age and didn’t think that highly of them. Now, since they have been re-vamped, re-made, re-imagined, whatever re- you prefer,  I like the modernized versions. The cleaner look, the actor or actress you have seen before, the better special effects.

So with that being said, you have to look at things from a new perspective: What if you had never seen Halloween in 1985 or 1978 even? What would you think of  Halloween if Rob Zombie’s version was the first you had seen? The same could be said for Friday the 13th, and for the coming-soon Nightmare on Elm Street. Personally, I was disgusted with Zombie’s Halloween when I saw it, but now I have seen it a few more times, and realized what is important about it. If Zombie hadn’t given Halloween this new imagining, who would care about it? The last 4 sequels were 10 times worse than anything Zombie did, and the younger fans these days are looking for exactly what Zombie is about – blood, gore, sex, violence, comedy. If a 15-year-old watched the original Halloween now-a-days he (or she) would probably turn it off 15 minutes in, and go find something on You Tube to watch. But, Rob Zombie (who I’m sure if you asked, would say that the original is sacred) decided to bring new life to a classic character  so the new generation of horror fans would know who Michael Myers is and have the same kind of respect we, the classic fans, have for him.

So in closing, let me ask you, the readers, this: Would you rather hold on to something you love so much and let it die off after 5 TERRIBLE sequels, or let a someone breathe new life into it, so the next generation of fans can keep Michael Myers alive, who know maybe another 25 years? I know I hope to still see horror fans flocking to the theaters when I’m 50, once a horror fan always a horror fan, and if we want horror to go on we have to embrace that re-makes help this genre move into the future.  If the kids don’t want to see it,  then it won’t go on. So , if the kids want to see Halloween with more blood, gore, sex, back story, rednecks, Weird Al Yankovick,  or I hear that they may do a third sequel in 3D, I say go for it! Because none of that is worse than having Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks in a Halloween movie. TOTALLY!!!!

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Josh Browning

When Josh was only 5 years old he came across a vision on the television that would stick with him for the rest of his life. It was of a man constructing a glove with knives on the fingers. As he watched this movie he became frightened as the man with a green and red shirt, fedora hat, and knives on his fingers started chasing a girl through a boiler room, scraping the knives on metal objects causing terrible screeching sounds. He quickly ran into his bedroom and crawled under the covers. As he sat there he grew curious and poked his head out from under the covers turned the T.V. on and watch the remainder of the film and the rest is history. From then on Josh Browning was a horror movie fan, and refuses to let go of his childhood obsession with Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger and all the other great horror movie icons. Also at a young age Josh's mother turned him on to music. A product of the 80's Josh grew up with the likes of Prince, Billy Joel, The Police, and Rick Springfield, just to name a few. Music also had a tremendous effect on Josh's life. In high school he began playing the drums, and has since moved on to playing bass, guitar, piano, banjo, and mandolin. Josh has been in a few bands, most notable are the bands Three, and Compound F, both fairly popular his home town of Panama City, Florida. Josh now writes and records his own music, and is trying to make a name for himself as a songwriter. In May 2005, Josh married his high school sweetheart Jenny Lou Strickland. They have been a couple for going on 11 years and have been married 4. Josh lives in Norfolk, Virginia with his wife, 2 dogs, and cat. On a typical day you can find Josh sitting at his computer playing his guitar, or catch him at a theater seeing a movie, or at the Naro Expanded Cinema renting movies to put into his storage locker of a brain.

  • Milk Toast1

    August 31, 2009

    I have to agree with Jay, as well as with what Josh wrote.

    My friends and I are upset that there is a “Red Dawn” remake coming out. I don’t know how they’re going to make the plot function properly. It was classic Cold War scare tension all throughout the movie, which doesn’t exist today. It was like Revolution 2.0, before “2.0” was even a phrase. Who are the invaders? What’s going to inspire the battle cry, “Wolverines!”?

    As for remakes in general, everything gets spewed out again and again. I’m not such a fan of that. The ultra-violent gore re-telling of today doesn’t bother me. I actually find it funny not scary. My wife hates horror movies, but will watch the remakes of the Romero’s because they’re not frightening to her and the zombies are so over the top, they’re humorous. Same with the “Saw”s. I actually like some of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” but I wish they’d invest more into exploring a genre or subject further with new stories. I hated “The Blair Witch,” but at least it was different.

    What they need to do is remake “The Stuff” and “Worms” and movies like that. Those films that were interesting stories but hampered by poor special effects.

    • Jason Bayless2

      August 31, 2009

      @MilkToast, your wish may come true because Rob Zombie has announced that is is going to re-do the movie ‘The Blob’ – good or bad – I just hope all the remakes come out in 3D.

  • Jason Bayless3

    August 30, 2009

    New blog post: Originals VS. Remakes https://www.zombie-popcorn.com/?p=4004

  • Jay4

    August 31, 2009

    Great article! I’m not a horror movie buff, and I’m not even a zombie movie buff, but I’ve seen more horror and zombie movies than most due to the female element in my life.

    Obviously, there are a lot of classics that are being redone poorly, and some that are done well.

    I understand there’s a Red Dawn remake in the mix. To me, Red Dawn is one of the most important American films in history.

    I’m convinced that the remake will suck, and it bothers me greatly.

    Back on the subject, I’m sure all horror movie remakes will be entertaining to both those who appreciate the former versions, as well as new audiences.

    A horror movie remake means that any new viewers will get a great taste of the horror genre, and they may be intrigued in watching the previous versions, keeping the horror movie thing alive for decades to come. I feel bad for the original creators that probably gave up their DVD/VHS income rights years ago, buried in small print. But at least they’ll know they’re appreciated, while they spend their time in a hotel room in the outskirts of LA shooting up heroin and watching reruns of their movies on the free cable channel.

    • Josh Browning5

      August 31, 2009

      Thanks so much for the comment!! I have never seen Red Dawn so maybe I should check it out! Keep letting me know what you think!


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