Phantom Planet Review

Phantom Planet Review


The Phantom Planet

1961 B&W 72 Minutes

Since the splitting of the atom only a few decades ago, through his God given genus of science, Man has – at last, succeeded in penetrating further and further in to the unknown vastness of space. The moon has become the launching base for advanced exploration. From this pivotal point, astronauts, at the risk of their lives, set out to conquer natures mysterious forces. . . . . . . What then, if this story you are about to witness, is only the beginning? . . . [singlepic id=1582 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Man what a kick ass intro huh? Yup. Thats Phantom Planet for you. In the year 1980, while traveling through space, a ship is caught in the magnetic grip of a planet that is able to move locations. What to do? Send Frank Chapman to investigate. While floating in space be sure to talk about the beauty of space and earth. . . in only man could take the time to really see it. . . . Follow this up with a space walk to do ship repairs, (Why can they walk on the wings of the ship with out floating away? I don’t know. . . but I bet Frank Chapman has something to do with it ). Now we need some alien fire, air lines breaking. . . . and the poor basterd who isn’t Frank Chapman floating off in to deep space.

Eventually Frank and ship get sucked on to the planet. . . . which is pretty much an astroid. When he wakes up he encounters a race of people 6 inches tall. Pretty much Gulliver’s Travels in space. When exposed to the ‘planets atmosphere Frank Chapman then becomes 6 inches tall and taken the the planets court system. Pretty much a pointless court system.


But fear not! For Frank Chapman will find a way off this planet. He will cause two women to fall in love with him. Love one back. Fight with the strongest guy on the planet in a magnetic pushing contest to the death. See the mysteries you magnetic planter manipulation by waving your hands over Space age blown glass tubes. And help battle the Solarites, a race of monsters that are always trying to invade the planet. . . . and who look pretty damn close to the Mutant from the kick ass sic fi classic This Island Earth. . . . . but not so kick ass.

So that pretty much sums up this movie. Kinda like something you’ve seen. It’s awesome. . . but not that awesome . . only in a weird way it kinda is. . . .It’s True Sci Fi B movie goodness.

I give it a respectable 4 Dr Peppers out of a six pack.


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