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You may remember the awesome indie horror movie app and site, Popcorn Horror from when we gave away a full years subscription to Popcorn Horror. Or when we interviewed Felix, the found of Popcorn Horror, and called the app the leader of the Horror Digital Revolution.  If you don’t or if you are new to Zombie Popcorn, let me re-introduce you to Popcorn Horror.

Popcorn Horror is a group of horror fans who love independent horror content and want to support it.  So they created an app that showcases great indie horror films, music, and art.

The great thing about Felix and Popcorn Horror is that their love for independent horror content does not stop. In fact, it has grown into a bigger project, called Bolster – aka The Popcorn Horror Project.

What is The Popcorn Horror Project you ask?  Well, I will let this Jason (no relation) comic explain. (more after the comic)

what is PCH


It is simple,

  • if you create art, films, etc – you sign up for The Popcorn Horror Project/Bolster and promote your work, make a little cash while building a fan base.
  •  Or if you LOVE horror art, films, etc – you sign up for The Popcorn Horror Project and support the work of  independent artists.

So what are you doing, why are you still here reading this?  I know you love Zombie Popcorn and want to hang out here, but it is ok to go to another site, just this once, because it is for a good thing – Go sign up now and come back to let me know what you think of it.

(I would recommend signing up now, because I have a feeling you will be hearing more about The Popcorn Horror Project in the near future… )


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