‘Post from Prison’ Series Letter 10

‘Post from Prison’ Series Letter 10


Welcome to the  Zombie Popcorn’s Post from Prison Series. prison_hands

Zombie Popcorn is opening its pages to the words of an individual who is sitting in prison.  We will get first hand experiences about life in prison.   They will talk about their likes, loves, dislikes and what is is like being in prison. Our first ‘Post from Prison‘ goes by the name, “Z0mbi3Kid“.  He would like to remain anonymous and he will post under that name.  This ensures that he can speak freely without the fear of being reprimanded.

You will be able respond to his writing in the comment section under each post.  I will then print out the post page and mail it to him for his response.

You can always find the other letters in the ‘Post from Prison’ archive.

  • Letter 10

Hey Ya’ll, sorry I haven’t wrote in a while. There just ain’t been much going on. Still here at the Choice Moore Unit. Still working in the schoolhouse.  There was something cool that happened last weekend.  Everyone that got their G.E.D. this year at C. Moore got to go to a graduation ceremony and have their families came up and be part of it and eat cake, cookies and drink punch. Since I am the Education Janitor / Porter I got to attend and serve cake and cookies to the graduates and their families. I even got to eat all I wanted while I was there.  It was pretty cool. Not something you get to do everyday in here.  Also, the warden brought me up and asked if I wanted to get my outside trustee status the other day.  I said yes, of course.

He recommended me to Huntsville (State Classification Committee). So I’ll know what they say about it in a couple of weeks.  If they decide to give it to me then I will have something to write about because from what I understand I will be shipped to a trustee camp.  These camps are a complete gravy train. I’ve never been to one but I have heard a lot about them and it sounds like if you have any time to do they are where you want to do it at.

Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll write you and let you know what is going on.  Until then, so long!


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