‘Post from Prison’ Series Letter 7 and 8

‘Post from Prison’ Series Letter 7 and 8


Welcome to the  Zombie Popcorn’s Post from Prison Series.

Zombie Popcorn is opening its pages to the words of an individual who is sitting in prison.  We will get first hand experiences about life in prison.   They will talk about their likes, loves, dislikes and what is is like being in prison. Our first ‘Post from Prison‘ goes by the name, “Z0mbi3Kid“.  He would like to remain anonymous and he will post under that name.  This ensures that he can speak freely without the fear of being reprimanded.

You will be able respond to his writing in the comment section under each post.  I will then print out the post page and mail it to him for his response.

You can always find the other letters in the ‘Post from Prison’ archive.

  • Letter 7

They have now transferred me to another unit. I am now at the Choice ***** Unit in ********, Texas.  It ain’t too bad here. It is a small (about 1,000 men) unit. It is real clean and they feed really good too. It’s rare that I can finish all the food they put on the tray.  The rec yard is good too -it has a long dirt jogging track and it also has basketball, volleyball, handball and weights.

They gave me a job on the hoe squad swinging an aggie all day or picking vegetables, but we only go to work about one or two times a week so I spend most of my time jogging or lifting weights. One bad thing about being at this unit  is that it is about 30 percent sex offenders.  For whatever reason they have so many of them here I have no idea.  A lot of these guys are in here for raping little kids and stuff.

Imagine sleeping a few feet from a grown man who you know is in prison for sodomizing children. It is a real test for ones patience and tolerance.  I am trying real hard to bite my tongue and do my time so I can come home.  Still waiting on my answer from parole.

Will write more later. – Till then


  • letter 8

This is to address a certain portion of the inmate population.

We see and hear you. The big mouth. Loud, rude and vulgar. You don’t go to school and you don’t work.   There, in the front now before the television. We see you. We hear you — Repating what the television says, as if we could not read the captions or hear it ourselves. and it is difficult to hear with you nearby. We hear you and we see you, making more noises than everyone.  The self appointed expert on everything.  The sports expert.  The political expert. With your EA score  of 4.9! We see you, breaking in every line, for chow, laundry and commissary.  We hear you yelling of what is right is right, as you gossip and slander, and curse all around you. As you confront every staff member  until they are so tired of dealing with you that no one else can get the simplest request satisfied.

You, the big mouth, the big man. The professional inmate. Always with a cell packed with commissary yet you never seem to have a stamped envelope, pen or any coffee.  — We see you, hear you and know you. Everyone must do your time, forced to listen as you must be the center of attention. You interrupt all conversations, brush by anyone on your path to the front of the lines.  You slur out “excuse me’, but you don’t mean it.  We know you, hear you, see you, liar.

You always going to fight someone, intimidation being your life. You, the big mouth, the fighter who won’t fight. Could you be an insecure coward?

We heard of your businesses, your millions, your cars, planes, boats, mistresses, college degrees, your baby’s momma and more.

You the big mouth, the thief, the coward, the liar. You are part of prison life. You represent everything we detest. Some learn from the prison experience.  Determined never to repeat the mistakes. How we avoid you.  You, the pest, the parasite.  Since you cannot make it alone, you drag us down with you, making us aprt of your misery.

You, the bigh mouth. We see you, hear you always. Tell us agian about your God, your religion and how yours is alright, but no one elses beliefs are worthwhile.   The expert, the liar, the theif. Ogling every female staff member. You are making all suffer around you. Perhaps prisons were built for those like you. Society has no use for you either. You, the big mouth, the center of attention.  Tell us again how you do your own time, mind your own business. Tell us again about how right is right, what goes around comes around. As you steal from the serving lines, steal laundry, bleach, food and anything else.

I regret coming to prison.  Seeing and hearing you for all this time will defiantly by my deterrent for returning.  You routinely speak your hatred, ignorance and stupidity. It is you, we see, hear you, endure you. The big mouth – the big liar – the big phony -the big pest and big parasite.


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Jason Bayless is a life-long activist and is currently working at The Pachamama Alliance. When he is not working he spends, working with Center for Farmworker Families and spending his time recording shows, writing blogs, collecting 3D movies, and playing VR games.

  • Bayless1

    July 14, 2010

    Hello April,
    I just sent your question to “Z0mbi3Kid“ and as soon as I hear back from him I will post the reply with the next letter.


  • April Crabtree2

    July 14, 2010

    I have been reading your letters. Interesting. I only know the prison system through what I have heard or read. Actually, I have been to visit someone in there. He first went to jail when he was 12 or so. He has been in several times. The last time he went in he was 16 and they sent him to adult prison. He just got out and is 19 now. I don’t even know him anymore. Sometimes I think he preferred being in jail because it was safe and secure. I saw him the day he got released and he seemed so angry. I hope he can begin to live his life as a young man now. He is in Texas and I am in Kansas. It hurts that I can’t be there to support him. Can I ask how old you are? Looking forward to the next letter. April

  • Full Free Games3

    July 4, 2010

    I am happy! It is simple to see that you are passionate about your website. Looking forward to future posts. Best of luck and keep doping great stuff.!


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