‘Posts from Prison’ Series Letter 2 & 3

‘Posts from Prison’ Series Letter 2 & 3


Welcome to the second letter in the Zombie Popcorn’s Post from Prison Series.

Zombie Popcorn is opening its pages to the words of an individual who is sitting in prison. We will get first hand experiences about life in prison. They will talk about their likes, loves, dislikes and what is is like being in prison. Our first ‘Post from Prison‘ goes by the name, “Z0mbi3Kid“. He would like to remain anonymous and he will post under that name. This ensures that he can speak freely without the fear of being reprimanded.

You will be able respond to his writing in the comment section under each post. I will then print out the post page and mail it to him for his response.

You can always find the other letters in the ‘Post from Prison’ archives.

I am still here in a county jail in North Texas.  I have been moved to a different cell since the last time I wrote.  It is a little better in here than  the last cell I was in.  Everyone in here (this cell) has done time before. Some call them ‘convicts’.  ‘Convicts’  sounds like a bad thing but when your in jail, I prefer to be around other “convicts’ than to be around a bunch of dudes that have never  been to jail before in there lives.  Because it’s youngsters and first-timers who are the loudest and most disrespectful.  I’m not saying they’re like that on purpose, it is just that they don’t know any better.  The guys who have done a little time already know what to do and what not to do.  So things are better in that aspect.

However, we are all taking cold showers and trying to stay warm just laying in the bed.  When I got in this cell they had the heaters cranked up so high you would literally wake up in a puddle of your own sweat. We must have complained about it too much, so I guess the police (jail staff) said, “Oh your hot huh?” so now they cut off the hot water and cranked up the air conditioner.  They are saying the water heater is broke and they have no control over the A/C (air conditioner).  They know exactly what they are doing.  It is ok thought because I go to court the day after tomorrow.  I plan on taking some time then.  I should be going on down to TDC (Texas Department of Corrections) about 4 weeks after that.  There are no air conditioners there at all and I’ll be getting there at the beginning of another scorching Texas summer.

I’ll write more after court. Till then.

Well, I made it to court yesterday morning. After having to wake up at 4:30, eat breakfast, then having to go wait in a holding cell for a couple of hours and then squeezing in a van shackled to 12 other inmates and then going to the courthouse and having to sit in another holding cell for another couple of hours.   I finally get in the courtroom about 10:45 to sign for seven years in TDC.

I finally get back to my cell about 3:00 and I am worn out.  I should be ‘Catching the chain’ to TDC  (getting moved to TDC) in about 5 weeks.

It is almost time to eat so until next time.


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  • Jeanette1

    May 6, 2010

    K pointed me to these, and I am enjoying reading them. Thanks Z0mbi3Kid for posting them.

  • Bruce3

    April 13, 2010

    Wow! That sucks about the heat.

    Do you have any family, wife or children?


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