‘Posts from Prison’ Series Letter 4

‘Posts from Prison’ Series Letter 4


Welcome to the second letter in the Zombie Popcorn’s Post from Prison Series.

Zombie Popcorn is opening its pages to the words of an individual who is sitting in prison. We will get first hand experiences about life in prison. They will talk about their likes, loves, dislikes and what is is like being in prison. Our first ‘Post from Prison‘ goes by the name, “Z0mbi3Kid“. He would like to remain anonymous and he will post under that name. This ensures that he can speak freely without the fear of being reprimanded.

You will be able respond to his writing in the comment section under each post. I will then print out the post page and mail it to him for his response.

You can always find the other letters in the ‘Post from Prison’ archives.

Well, I am back and still sitting here in the county jail. Now that I know I am leaving here in a few weeks I am getting stir-crazy. I did 7 months here last year before I bonded out at the end of November.  I was out for almost exactly 90 days.  Which was good because I got to spend Christmas with my family.   My family being my mom, dad, girlfriend of 3 years, and my 6 year old daughter who lives with my parents.  I have a brother who is already in TDC (Texas Department of Corrections) and another brother who lives out of state.

I’ll have to say having people out there who care about you really makes doing time a whole lot easier. There are so many people in here who don’t  have anybody out there.  No letters, no money for commissary. A large percentage of these guys are illiterate so they couldn’t  read a letter even if someone sent them one.   A lot of these guys ahve spent there whole lives in places like this and have no hope it seems of ever changing their ways.  From the looks of things you would think I am on the same road.

I am 28 years old and have spent nearly 4 years locked up since I was 21.  Drinking and using drugs have been my problem.  I am not a thief, I don’t assault people, I don’t sell drugs. I just liked to drink and it has cost me dearly.

My girlfriend is out there struggling with the same stuff that I am going through. While I was here last year before I bonded out, she got two DWI’s (Driving while intoxicated).   In Texas,  the first two violations are only misdemeanors and she has already  took probation but if she ever gets another one she will be spending the rest of her life in prison – just like me.  She seems to be doing pretty good right now with sobriety and that really makes my time easier because I don’t sit here and worry.

I plan on making this my last trip to jail because another ‘Drug possession’ or DWI will put me away for some serious time.  Another charge will be a felony and it will carry a sentence of  15-99 years so this is really my last chance to straighten up. I have gotten an education in human nature that no amount of money could buy and have heard some sad, sad stories and have seen some crazy stuff being in jail.

I found out I will see parole in June. I am not very optimistic about making it.  MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) has made it pretty rough on people with DWI’s making parole in Texas.  All I can do is expect the worst and hope for the best.  If I do make it they will probably make me go to a 6 month long in-prison drug treatment before they turn me loose.  I will welcome that because I am willing to do whatever it takes to change my life at this point.  Who knows whats gonna happen next time I decide to get behind the wheel.  It scares me to think about all the people I put in danger.

I am gonna sign off for now.  I hope everyone reading these posts find them informative, educational or at least entertaining.  If anyone has any questions about anything please ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability as soon as I get them mailed to me from the site.

So, next time you hear from me it will be from a unit in Palestine, Texas – until then, so long.



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