‘Posts from Prison’ Series – Letter 5

‘Posts from Prison’ Series – Letter 5


Welcome to the second letter in the Zombie Popcorn’s Post from Prison Series.

Zombie Popcorn is opening its pages to the words of an individual who is sitting in prison. We will get first hand experiences about life in prison. They will talk about their likes, loves, dislikes and what is is like being in prison. Our first ‘Post from Prison‘ goes by the name, “Z0mbi3Kid“. He would like to remain anonymous and he will post under that name. This ensures that he can speak freely without the fear of being reprimanded.

You will be able respond to his writing in the comment section under each post. I will then print out the post page and mail it to him for his response.

You can always find the other letters in the ‘Post from Prison’ archives.

I am here finally. In TDC, that is.  It took an all day long bus ride and a night of no sleep sitting in different holding cells but I’m here.  I should be here on the Gurney Unit for the next 3-4 weeks, until they assign me a job and ship me to whatever unit I’m gonna do the rest of my time at.

Everyone where I’m at right now is just getting in the system so nobody has anything yet. No shampoo, no Colgate, no caffeine, no commissary at all.  They do issue four little bars of lye soap and a paper cup full of baking soda that used for toothpaste – tooth-powder, I mean and antiperspirant.   With everyone not having the proper hygiene items coupled with the hot Texas weather and no air conditioning – it sure makes for an interesting smell.

It’s just part of it though. I am trying to take it all on the chin and make sure I do whatever it takes to not come back. I should know by next week what day exactly I am gonna see parole.  By my calculations it should be about the end of June but I’ve been known to be wrong before.  I am hoping they give me some kind of substance abuse treatment and let me go. The other alternative would be a year sent off – which means I will do another year before I see parole again.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

I wanted to go back and talk about something I said on an earlier post.  When I was talking about being in a cell full of convicts, I guess I didn’t  really explain myself very well.  To your everyday person the word ‘convict’  probably has a negative meaning but to me ‘convict’ has a completely different meaning.  There are inmates here and there are convicts. It is not about how much time you’ve done or how much time you have or what your crime is.  A convict minds his own business, carries himself with respect and dignity.  He doesn’t bring heat on his fellow inmate and if it does  happen, he immediately stands up and takes responsibility. If  he borrows something, he puts it at the top of his commissary list and pays it back before he buys anything for himself and maybe even include something extra. He never disrespects anyone. A convict is a good friend to those he calls friends and he stays neutral to those he does not. A convict holds the door open as he walks through for this fellow inmates behind him. He offers a hand if you slip and fall.  He asks for nothing in return.  He talks quietly as a general rule. He does not scheme and scam his fellow inmates. He word is everything to him.

So you see being a ‘convict’ ain’t bad.  I have let everyone I love down by coming here and lost everything I own but it seems by striving to be a convict in here will get me ready to be the best person I can when I get out in the world. That  is what its all about – right?

Anyway, that is all I got for now. Thanks for listening and until next time.


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