Psychosomatic Rants

Psychosomatic Rants


The gang was all back together again on this episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio – Josh, Paul and Jason.  Surprisingly, no one got thrown out but Skype did kick Josh out of the conversation a couple of times.

This weeks episode includes; [singlepic id=1470 w=320 h=240 float=right]

So kick back and ask the question you ask your self every week, ‘Why am I here?!” because it is time for another episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio!

and in 3D!

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Jason Bayless is a life-long activist and is currently working at The Pachamama Alliance. When he is not working he spends, working with Center for Farmworker Families and spending his time recording shows, writing blogs, collecting 3D movies, and playing VR games.

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