Revisiting 1.8 Days


I wrote about 1.8 days before in the post ‘1.8 Days Covered in Blood‘ when they released a ‘promo poster’ for the film and when they introduced Gary Busey and bassist for the band Collective Soul, Will Turpin as cast members.

So I thought I would check back in on the 1.8 days website and see what was new and this is what I found…

“1.8 Days is the next film from Movie Tao Productions.

The film follows the story of 5 people who must rely on each other to survive an unbelievable event. Sounds simple enough. Survival by any means necessary is a common human instinct. There is one problem though… they all hate each other. They hate each other so much that what would normally be an overwhelming onslaught of (thought I was going to tell you huh?) is nothing more than an annoyance because now they have to put off killing each other.

Visceral, sharp, action packed and funny as hell, 1.8 Days is going to be one unforgettable film.

“You are about to make a cult classic!” – Ed Kramer – SFX Director – Star Wars

1.8 Days – They won’t know what %$*!ing hit ’em.”

I can’t wait for this film to come out!!

  • Carol1

    July 11, 2009

    So WHEN will this jewel be RELEASED to the hungry public????

    • Jason Bayless2

      July 11, 2009

      I really wished I had the answer to your question. I really don’t know –

      Hey guys over at Movie Tao Productions – let us know something! 🙂


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