Sameer and the Giant Samosa

Sameer and the Giant Samosa


We are excited to announce that Zombie Popcorn is an official co-presenter of several films at CAAMFest!  CAAMfest, hosted by Center for Asian American Media, is an 11 day celebration of film, music, and food runs March 9-19th in San Francisco and Oakland.

One of the films we are co-presenting is, along with >そうして私たちはプールに金魚を / And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool, BAM, Death in a Day, and the world premiere of Tag, is Sameer and the Giant Samosa . (Trailer below).

Sameer and the Giant Samosa is part of the FOR THE FAINT OF HEART – SHORTS , of CAAMFest. FOR THE FAINT OF HEART -SHORTS highlights adrenaline-induced conditions lead to the unexpected and impossible in FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Whether it’s getting trapped in your own story, fighting against a future fate or becoming consumed by your demons, anxiety and urgency make a volatile mix with intensely satisfying results.


Sameer has a deep, obsessive love for samosas, just as long as they’re made by other people. However, this craze takes its toll and consumes him, ultimately driving his marriage down a path where there’s no turning back.

Screening Details

When: March 11, 2017 5:10 pm
Where: Roxie Theater
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