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We are now officially out of California and have arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Speaking of Cali., Remember, when I was in San Diego and I went to the Sweetwater High School. -I talked about it in the post ‘San Diego to Portland Oregon in 2 minutes.

The wonderful teacher from Sweetwater High School and Suhi Animal Care Club sent me a video that aired in every classroom and she said the response from the students was awesome. (Above is the video Sweetwater High School and Suhi Animal Care sent me.)

So next time Ringling Bros. rolls through San Diego they will meet even more activists protesting them.
Considering that in San Diego we had 85+ activists out protesting their arrival, it will not be long before Ringling adds San Diego to the growing list of cities that do not want Ringling and the abuse they bring.

I am off now to go eat some great vegan food at Evergreen

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