She Wants Revenge


“I want to hold you close, soft breath, beating heart, as I whisper in your ear, I want to fucking tear you apart.”

Justin Warfield sings in his baritone vocal style and leaves you wondering “does he want this person sexually, or does he literally want to tear her apart?” This is one example of the world Watkins and guitarist/keyboardist Adam 12 create in their music that draws you in like a stalker to a victim.

Releasing their self titled debut in early 2006, She Wants Revenge have crafted a pretty unique style blending goth rock with electronic beats and eerie piano melodies. They have been compared to the likes of bands such as Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Interpol, mostly because of Watkins baritone vocals. The thing that draws me to them as a fan is the way they put the listener in the same world they are living in and you follow Warfield on his journey, weather it is wanting a girl so badly that he will tear her apart once he gets his hands on her, or singing about a girls who has been through a terrible ordeal, and tries to get on with her life (She Will Always Be a Broken Girl, from 2007’s This is Forever).

Another great element about She Wants Revenge is how they bring their songs to life with videos. Reminiscent of David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick their videos are typically very dark, suspenseful, and often leave you wondering “What the hell was that about?” which is something i love in film and story-telling is when it doesn’t leave you peacefully and makes you think.

I believe that She Wants Revenge bring something fresh to the table and will be around for a long time. Although under the radar, they have had songs in many movies and TV shows, and don’t get the credit they deserve as being a great band with great songs. Please check out their videos and albums.

2006’s She Wants Revenge (Perfect Kiss)

2007’s This is Forever (Perfect Kiss/Universal)

2008’s Save Your Soul EP (Perfect Kiss)

You can find videos on You Tube!

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  • Luna1

    September 21, 2009

    hey Josh, thanks for posting this, I love SWR, been a fan for loong time. Not to be a bug but it’s Justin Warfield not Watkins. Anyway, check this cool vid i just found w/them

    • Josh Browning2

      September 22, 2009

      Thank you so much for commenting, and you are absolutely correct it is Justin Warfield! My tattoo artist name is Justin Watkins so that probably where that came from. I love SWR and think that they don’t get neat the credit they deserve. Be sure to check out Zombie-Popcorn Radio we will be playing and talking about them and many other bands on the live broadcast Sat. nights from 7-9 eastern standard time. Keep checking back and maybe we can turn you on to some other stuff. Thanks again for the comment!


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