Shopping – The Battle of the Sexes?


Since Mylie T and I have been married I have been finding myself doing things that I would not normally find myself doing, example, making toast or coffee in a Hello Kitty branded machine or staying up all night watching ‘Singing in the Rain’ and other Gene Kelly movies.  One of the major things I find myself doing is something that I have heard husbands talk about all the time and everytime I heard them talk about this moment I would just write them off as being stereotypical men. While thinking to myself, there is no way it can be that bad.

The thing that I am talking about is going shopping.  I am not just talking about any type of shopping – I am talking shoes and clothes shopping, that involves two or three malls and countless number of department stores. When looking for one item takes days and years -it seems.

My style of shopping is way different. First, I only go to the store when I know I need something and when I say ‘something’, I mean that something already has a name, a price tag and a location in the store. That way I can go in, pick it up, check out, and carry it home – the end, shopping over.  My  type of shopping may only happen once a year.

Mylie T’s shopping is something more of an adventure. She goes shopping when she needs something and when I say ‘something’ I mean it could fall into a category of  “I could use some new shoes”, “Oh, they are having a sale, I might find something in there” so she puts on her imaginary Indiana Jones hat and sets off on a quest to find her ‘something.’

I start the day off excited to go with her, because I am a man and no matter how many times I go shopping with her, I will never learn that we don’t shop the same. So a couple of hours into the shopping experience I start getting antsy and bored looking at clothing and shoes. (I am sure this is the same feeling she has when I take her into Fry’s Electronics or some nerdy 3D event.)  So Mylie offers to help my boredom and hands me several articles of clothing and says, “Can you carry these for me?” Like a little raccoon who just found something shiny, I  play with the clothing until I become bored with them.  At this point in time,  I wander off on my own to find the strangest thing in the store and bring it back to Mylie and say, “We should get this!”   Of course, she never finds it as funny as I do and I wander off again to look at the rest of the store.  I spend the next ten to fifteen minutes looking at EVERYTHING in the store and when I return back to Mylie and she has only progressed to the next clothing rack.  Then I end up thinking, I could bring my cameras here and set up in the bedroom section of the store and film Vampire movies or some kind of monster under your bed film and no one would ever know because no one is ever in the bed room section.  So, I began to get excited about my new found idea and as I tell Mylie she looks at me as if I just broke her train of thought and replies, “It is illegal to film in here without permission.”

So I start to think how can we make shopping fun for both men and women at the same time?  Zombies?  Electronics in the women’s department? Virtural Reality? Drugs? Alcohol?

Then I saw this video

What? I am not the only one who wishes shopping was more like this — someone else made this video. 🙂

Ok, I know that it will never happen, blood and violence during daily shopping adventures but during all these long hours shopping,  I have learned something about what is important in life.  It is the little things that we share and will never lose – the moments of happiness we share, even the happiness we share when it is over a new shirt, shoe or 3D movie. It is not about the object, its about that moment, that feeling, that emotion you feel when you look into your lovers eyes and know that this moment would not have been as exciting without the other person being there with you, no matter how bored you may have been up to that moment.

I will always go shoe shopping, clothes shopping and Hello Kitty shopping with her until my last dying breath, because I love her so very much, she is my everything.

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