I want to bring your attention to a brand new horror anthology called, The Mortuary Collection and request that you support this project. You only have 8 days left, so hurry.

Zombie Popcorn endorses The Mortuary Collection because we love horror anthologies and we know that it comes from some of the best talent in indie horror today. You may remember the flick we promoted a while back called, Gary’s Garden, if you do -then the name Ben Hethcoat and team should ring a bell and send you running to support this project.

About The Mortuary Collection

THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is a stylized (live-action) horror anthology film that fuses the surreal storytelling of The Twilight Zone with the goopy aesthetics of Tales From The Crypt. Loaded with unexpected twists, dark humor and genuine scares, The Mortuary Collection is classic horror for a contemporary audiences.

4 Twisted Tales

THE MORTUARY COLLECTION taps into four distinct horror sub-genres making it a virtual potpourri of horror favorites. There’s a Monster Movie, a Slasher Film, a Ghost Story and a Psychological Tale of Madness, all intertwined in a sleepy New England town. Whether it’s a haunting tale of revenge from beyond the grave or a ghastly abomination of science and technology, one fact remains… Every corpse has a story.

  • Babysitter
  • Ring Ring
  • Till Death
  • Unprotected

Why are you still here? Go find out more about this project and donate so this can happen.  You have 8 days left!



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