Sweets – Support Indie 3D Films

Sweets – Support Indie 3D Films


If you have ever spent five minutes on Zombie Popcorn or have ever watched  ‘The Talking Dead 3D‘  then you know how much I love 3D movies.  I could spend hours talking about 3D films and at times I do… but it is time for me to stop flapping my lips and put real support where my mouth is and that is why I want all of you to support ‘Sweets‘.

Sweets is an original horror screenplay and the first live action stereoscopic 3D short film from award winning 3D filmmaker Andrew Murchie.

This film will be Scotland’s first live action 3D short film and you know how much I love Scotland…some have said it is equal to my love for 3D.

What more do you want?  3D, Horror, Scotland, incest… wait, maybe not incest but you get it anyway because the film story line goes like this;  Little does Richard, a serial philanderer, realise the horror ahead when he encounters incest victim Aurora. Each have desires of the flesh, but in quite different ways.

So what can you do to support this indie 3D short?  Head over to their IndieGoGo site and donate some money to the project.  They are offering some awesome perks for people who support their project.

If you donate $20.00.  You’ll get a thanks in the supporters credit list on the official “Sweets” page of the Enhanced Dimensions website and a copy of their eD-3D virtual stereoscopic 3d rig for Adobe After Effects CS4 & CS5. That alone is worth donating $20.00 because look at what it features…

Features in eD-3D Virtual Rig

•    Flexible 3D Effect Control: Control of stereo cameras inter-axial and convergence
•    Anaglyph Preview: Real time manipulation & previewing of the scene in anaglyph stereo 3d
•    YouTube 3D Support: Render Comps provided for popular YouTube (SBS), TriDef(AB) & Red Cyan Anaglyph
•    Full HD 3D Left & Right Views – System is based on a full 1080p left & right views


I know, we can all drool over the eD-3D virtual rig for hours but we are here to support 3D indie films so head over to their site and donate now – you can give more than $20.00 and still get the eD-3D rig plus so much more.


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