Swine Flu vs Black Metal on Zombie Popcorn Radio


Wow, time flies! I can not believe it is already Wednesday, so you know what that means.  It means, you either missed the Live show on Saturday or you really like us and you are listening to the show again!  I am guessing you are back for more – right?! 🙂

When we are attacked with the swine flu we fight back with Nicolas Cage and his son’s black metal band  on Zombie Popcorn Radio!

Zombie Popcorn Radio Show #12 topics include;

  • Paul returns to the show after his stay in the hospital
  • Special Guest Jan from Jan Casper Photography
  • How Natalie Portman relates to zombies
  • Josh continues to surprise the listeners
  • Nicolas Cage and his link to Black Metal
  • Why is George Romero getting the short end of the stick in the US?
  • and much, much more!

Every Wednesday is the Re-Broadcast of the previous Saturday show.

Tonight,  Saturday at 7-9 pm (EST),  Jason,  Josh and Paul will be ‘On Air‘ taking requests from you and interviewing people you want to hear from about movies, music and so much more!  If you want to chat with Jason and/or Josh during the LIVE Saturday Broadcast hit up our chat room.

Listen to Zombie Popcorn Radio Now!

firefox Firefox users should install this plug-in for the best radio experience. Windows Meda Player plugin. After installing the plugin, pick the windows player option on the  player prefernce page.

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