…Under your Bed


If there’s anything I’ve learned in my years it’s, that religion is mostly a lie . . . .
Oh, don’t get all huffy – puffy over that, cause science is mostly a lie too. . .
You know what’s not a lie?


Everything you heard as a kid is true. . .

They wait under your bed . . .
ready to taste your sleepy head.
They’ll pull you down when your alone . . .
to lick your flesh and break your bones . . . .

And we have the footage to prove it. . . .
Take a look . . .
I dare you. . . . .

This is a track that Jason and I worked on quite a while ago.
Actually, it’s our first project, from over a year ago . . . it’s our third video. . . but first video ever completed. . . wait . . . what?

Anyway, we love horror movies, monsters and industrial music. . . we hope you do too.
Let us know what you think of the song. . . . just send a quick e-mail or post in the comments section. . . if enough people like it we’ll make more.

Music by Paul Casper
Vocals by Jason Bayless

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