Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010 in 3D!


If you were listening to Zombie Popcorn Radio last night you would have heard 3D Movie Man’s report from Texas Frightmare Weekend.  If you missed out on the report don’t worry the re-broadcast of the show will be up on Zombie Popcorn first thing tomorrow morning.

For those who don’t know about Texas Frightmare Weekend – let me bring you up to speed.

Frightmare is the southwest’s premier horror convention. Featuring celebrity guests, film screenings, panel discussions and more!  The guests included;

  • John Carpenter
  • George Romero
  • Doug Bradley
  • Cassandra Peterson as Elvira
  • I could go on and on
  • Texas Frightmare was also the place for the release of the trailer for the remake ‘I spit on your Grave’

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to hear the report,  then I guess this preview put together by 3D Movie Man will hold you over until tomorrow.


Thanks 3D Movie Man for the video and the report!

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    May 9, 2010

    No problemo! And in case your peeps are wondering the reason there are two small pictures on the video, that’s because it was rendered in side by side 3D format for the You Tube 3D player. If you click the title on the video it will open the video page and they can watch it in various 3D formats as well as Left or Right view only (aka 2D) Texas Frightmare was a blast!


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