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Zombie Popcorn Radio‘s very own Paul Casper just released a brand new CD from his dark and spooky collection, The Shadow Foundry.   For those who have not followed Zombie Popcorn Radio for very long, Paul has a long history of making exceptional music.  His latest project included being the composer for the upcoming horror Documentary, “Nightmares in Red, White and Blue.”  A film Fangoria called, “The best documentary of its kind in years!”

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The new album is called  ‘Lying in Ruin‘ and it is by far the scariest thing you will ever hear!  It is perfect for the Halloween season.

Don’t take my word for it – here are statements from people who own the album.

  • “I was very impressed. I listened to it driving home from work tonight and it really gave the country road I take home a great effect. loved it”
  • “Perfect for a drive at night on an old, deserted road, such as Cemetery Rd. on the Eastern Shore. Perfect!”
  • “Great music to get us in the mood for Halloween.”
  • I turned off the lights and lit some candles as I began listening to The Shadow Foundry and by the time the second track was finishing I found myself afarid to walk around my home in the dark. The music is beyond scary.  I had to turn the lights back to listen to the rest of the album.

You can pick it up as a CD ($12.99 including shipping) or as a  Digital Download ($8.00 includes album art and liners)  at The Shadow Foundry’s site.

Here is what you will get.

Lying in Ruin‘ Track listing;

  1. At the door
  2. Entering the Manor
  3. Walls of Decay
  4. Tattered Sheets
  5. The Forgotten
  6. Library of Broken Dreams
  7. Distorted Reflections
  8. The Children’s Room
  9. Nocturnal Waltz
  10. The Madness Within
  11. The Incantation
  12. Soul Stealer
  13. Out of Time
  14. Enjoy Your Stay, You Will Never Leave

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