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Thanks to all my Facebook friends for the Birthday wishes – they were great!

In the real world my Birthday was equally amazing.  Mylie T and I went to Jan Casper‘s gallery night and to my surprise Jan and her husband got me two presents.  They were simply the best gift ever (not including what Mylie got me).  [singlepic id=340 w=320 h=240 float=right]

There is a ton of back story to the gifts they got me. The first gift was given because I am always telling Jan’s husband that we need to start makeing t-shirts.  So they got me, well, I don’t know how to explain it – it was a t-shirt – but you color in the picture and use an iron to heat it up once you are done and then add this glitter stuff all over it.  Anyway, here is the t-shirt after we colored it in…

The second gift was just as special as the first – there is only one way to describe it – JESUS BRACELET!!

[singlepic id=339 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Yes, I know the photo above has Mary in it and not Jesus but I can’t find a photo of the one I have – so just image that style of bracelet with a different image of Jesus on each square.  I know what you are thinking right now, AWESOME! – I know!

Anyway, after the art show we all went to a place that I have never been, it was called A Taste of Culture to eat.  Here is a blurb from their site

When you visit A Taste of Culture, you’re in for a treat!  Experience our Caribbean, Italian, Asian, and American food or any of our mouthwatering dishes.  A Taste of Culture offers a vacation at your door step with creative combinations of spices and sauces.

Our warm and charming atmosphere will instantly relax you while our attentive staff spoils you.  Located in the heart of Historic Old Towne, Portsmouth, VA, our weekly menu specials offer unique flavors and pairings of the world.

We had a blast and the food was out of this world – so much flavor!  We spent several hours just eating and talking – there is nothing like good food and great friends.

After the party broke apart and everyone went home, Mylie T and I came back to our house and ate the home-made VEGAN pecan pie she made – oh wait, did I say one – there were two home-made VEGAN pecan pies waiting for us and OMG! they were delicious. I want some now but I ate them already –  🙁

After stuffing our guts even more, Mylie T gave me the gifts she got for me.  I didn’t know how she was going to beat the Jesus bracelet and the paint your own t-shirt gifts…but she did.

I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful person.  She made my birthday so much better, not because of her gifts but because she is apart of my life and I get to spend my birthday, her birthday and every other holiday, with her.

It was the best birthday ever!

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