The Governator

The Governator


**Please welcome Zombie Popcorn newest contributor, Bob.  If you have been followingThis Non-Religious Life or The Talking Dead you may have already met him.  If not, here is Bob and his first post on Zombie Popcorn!   Welcome to Zombie Popcorn, Bob – We are very happy to have you!

My thinking is that this must be some elaborate April Fool’s joke that was so well executed as to have taken on a life of it’s own. They have got to be kidding, right? Or perhaps this is a perfect example of satire, satire so good that we don’t even realize that it’s satirical.

Sadly, this looks to be the real deal. Not only is this moving forward as an animated Saturday morning style cartoon but will come in it’s own franchise ready package of comic books and feature films. Which of course will bring with it it’s own onslought of merchandising mayhem; toys, playsets, action figures. Let’s not forget product tie-ins like the Governator Happy Meal, or even the blatant product placement plugs which will inevitably be present. Remember when cartoons weren’t all about selling toys and hamburgers?  [singlepic id=1550 w=320 h=240 float=right]

What hurts my soul a little bit is that this project is attached to Stan “The Man” Lee. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be involved with something so overtly consumerist but Stan? Over the past couple of years Stan Lee has been striving to recapture the glory days of the Marvel bullpen with cookie cutter characters published under independent banners like ‘Pow’ and ‘Boom’. None of which have managed to gain any traction with the general public or even fanboys at large. You make me sad Stan, you make me truly sad.

The show itself looks like a strange combo of Iron Man and Captain Planet, only this time our hero is squaring off against fiscal G.I.R.L.I.E. men rather than the usual crop of corporate bad guys and eco-vilians. I’m not making any of this up, I swear. I think if Whoopi Goldburg had made an appearance my head would have spontaneously exploded.

I don’t want to spend too much more time ridiculing the ridiculous, but there is one facet to this whole shebang that I find incredibly intriguing. Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to parlay a career in body building into becoming one of the greatest action stars of all time, and he wasn’t even always the good guy. That acting career was in turn cashed in on political office when he won the Governor’s seat in California. Now that Arnolds political career is on the wane he is gathering every bit of cache he has in every corner of every industry he has ever had an involvement in and turning it all into a huge multi media franchise empire juggernaut. Wasn’t this virtually the same plan that was put into motion early in the career of Adrien Veidt as Watchmen’s Ozymandias? Veidt’s plan was to conquor the world through rulership of the marketplace. With his vast resources Veidt was able to remake the world, end mans inhumanity to man and put an end to war once and for all. And he only had to kill a few million people in order to do it.

Heres to hoping Arnold uses his powers for good.

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