The Live Rapture Show in 3D

The Live Rapture Show in 3D


Here it is – The Rapture!    So, we did what any normal person would do during the Rapture, we continued with our LIVE broadcast.

Joining ‘The Talking Dead on this glorious evening are the host of ‘This Non-Religious Life’  Ken and Bob.  [singlepic id=1571 w=320 h=240 float=right]

We talk about the Rapture, judgement day, tribulation and  we even attempt to call Brother Mike (the guy who runs the site and try to figure out the workings behind the doomsday predictions.

We also talk about ;

  • James Cameron And Michael Bay together talking about TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON
  • What  Seth MacFarlane and the Flintstones have in common
  • Expedition 21 / NASA
  • Family Radio and the 8.1 million dollars they made last year
  • Iceland’s Volcano eruptingand so much more!

Grab your wallet, your crucifix and your soul because it is not just the Rapture – it is time for another episode of  THE TALKING DEAD!



and in 3D!


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