The Myth of Labor and Food

The Myth of Labor and Food


[tab title="The Myth of Labor and Food"]

We have a wonderful show for you.  This episode we are very happy to have Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project on the show again for the second time.

We talk  about food – all types off food, what food can do for us, what companies are doing to our food and  about the people who grow, harvest and prepare our food.

During the conversation we include;

    • Why is there such a disconnect between our health, food and the world around us?
    • Why has society moved away from real food (growing our own) and now mainly relying on fast food and prepared foods.
    • How is current society different from the world our parents grew up in and how is that hurting our health and world?
    • Foraging?
    • and so much more

Most importantly, we talk about slavery on American farms.   How activities such as, workers being held against their will by their employers through threats and, all too often, the actual use of violence — including beatings, shootings, and pistol-whippings are happening right now and what you can do to help stop it.

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