The People’s Liberation Army


The last couple of days have been a little rough. My computer has died on me – needs a new motherboard – YAY! Mylie T is so nice because she is letting me use hers so I can write this post.

I am not going to rant about how it sucks to not have a computer because I want to tell you about a new project I have been trying to talk Mylie T into and thinking of ways to mount cameras.BMW R71

Don’t be dirty minded, I am talking about getting a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) motorcycle/sidecar. Just the thought of driving through the mountains with Mylie T in the sidecar is awesome. The photo to the right is a Cj750, the third generation version of the 1938 BMW R71.

I have found a place where you can purchase these bikes from Beijing. The funny thing is that I am not into cars, bikes, boats, etc at all. I have never looked at a vehicle and got excited about it or thought that is a cool machine. Now, if it was a computer or some kind of 3D movie, camera, or anything related to 3D – I would be super excited, but this is just a motorcycle with a sidecar. I don’t understand why I am excited about getting this PLA bike. Was it the history of how this bike became to be known as the Cj750? No, as interesting as the bike’s history is – it plays no part in my new found obsession with it. It might be the thought that I can hook up my 3D video and my HD camera to the side car and make travel videos or the thought that on a nice weekend when Mylie and I are wondering what we are going to do – we could just jump on the bike and head to the mountains or some random back road that we normally wouldn’t travel. Whatever the reason, I am totally excited about the Cj750.

Check out this video of Beijing bikers and their trip to Qinghai Lake (Green Lake) – the largest in-land salt water lake in China.

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