The Scariest 3D Movie Ever Made is Coming!

The Scariest 3D Movie Ever Made is Coming!


There are films that are so damn scary that shouldn’t be made.  Films that will leave mental scars, emotional trauma and may cause you to claw your eyes out should not even be created in 3D. [singlepic id=1523 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Sadly, a film with such caliber has been made in 3D. A film that involves Michael Flatley’s crotch in 3D – yes, I am talking about ‘LORD OF THE DANCE 3d’.

Millions of people around the world have been enchanted by Lord of the Dance. Since its premiere in 1996, it has been captivating audiences and critics around the globe and has grossed over one billion dollars worldwide. However, no one has ever had the opportunity to experience the magic, excitement, and passion by being part of the performance, until now, when “Lord of the Dance” is released in 3D for a limited engagement on March 17th

Experience the ‘magic’?!

and yes, I will be there…..

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