The Tony Anthony Interview – Re-broadcast

The Tony Anthony Interview – Re-broadcast


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The moment you have all been waiting for – the re-broadcast of Zombie Popcorn’s interview with Tony Anthony.

Tony Anthony is a former film actor, producer, director, and screenwriter, best known for his starring roles in spaghetti westerns and his 1981 3D movie,  Comin’ At Ya!

This is a very rare opportunity to interview Tony Anthony because he did not talk to the press much at all during his career.  So we are forever grateful that he came on Zombie Popcorn Radio.

We  talked about his career in the film industry  from his start all the way up to the current  date and the re-release of the  film that kicked off the 3D revolution in the 1980’s – Comin’ At Ya!

Here is a short bio and then listen to the show or watch it in 3D – all details after the bio.

Tony Anthony is largely credited with the revival of the 3-D concept in the early 1980s. Anthony did, however work for many years on Spaghetti Westerns (some with co-production company Lupo-Anthony-Quintano Productions). He produced and starred in two 3-Dimensional movies, both of which enjoyed a modest theatrical release. After making these two films, Anthony effectively retired from the movie industries (except for the occasional production work with friend Gene Quintano or Mark Damon).

Now stop reading and listen

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  • J.Walter Puppybreath2

    April 10, 2010


    Sadly, Tony’s ‘A Stranger In Town’, ‘The Stranger Returns’, ‘The Silent Stranger’, ‘Get Mean’ and ‘Blindman’ aren’t (to date) legally available on DVD in North America. Too bad, as these are all highly entertaining. ‘Blindman’ is a small masterpiece, IMO.

  • Roxanne Hardy3

    March 13, 2010

    What happened to Tony Anthony’s movie “A Stranger Comes to Town”?

  • Dirk4

    February 19, 2010

    Tony Anthony has some awesome stories to tell. I would love to see Treasure of the 4 Crowns get the new 3D treatment. I’ve been shouting that movie’s praises for over 25 years now! I’ve got a DVD of it using the shutter glasses, which are okay, but a bit like staring at the 3-D hidden picture posters for an hour and a half! The trick with the shutter system is to not focus your eyes on the screen, which gets tiresome quick.

    The main difference I see between modern 3D and Anthony’s 80s 3D is that the Anthony films used 3D as a gimmick to ENTERTAIN the audience but the modern 3D is a gimmick to make more money with higher ticket prices.

  • Lord Shockedelic5

    February 19, 2010

    Damn, this interview is monumental! You need to get this put into text, pronto!


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