This is what happens when Rednecks play with Eggs


Back in May of ’09, Zombie Popcorn introduced the upcoming film, Humpty Dumpty 3D.   Well,  thanks to HorrorFan33, who left us a comment letting us know that the film now has an official website.  Humpty Dumpty 3D.   [singlepic id=1453 w=320 h=240 float=right]

I know I said in the May post that the film was set to be released by Halloween 2010 but things have changed and for the better I hope.   The word on the streets is that David Ellis (Director of Final Destination 4  3D) will direct the film.

I just can’t wait to see this film and I love the fan based teaser that has been made for the film- see video below.

Zombie Popcorn will keep you up-to-date as we get more info about Humpty Dumpty 3D.

Humpty Dumpty is a horrifyingly original new take on an old familiar character! Two backwoods redneck brothers are confronted with a dangerous egg-shaped creature whose mother they torture and kill for fun. Half-human, half-alien, Humpty Dumpty exacts his bloody, murderous rage on the brothers in an unforgettable story of revenge.

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