‘This Non-Religious Life’ ep. 1: The Resurrection Challenge

‘This Non-Religious Life’ ep. 1: The Resurrection Challenge


There are so many of us, people raised in a religious tradition who now espouse a lifestyle which is free from religious dogma, empty tradition and lip-service prayer. We live our lives day to day with the aid of reason, we view the world in the light of empiricism, and we make life choices understanding that this life is all there is. The 2008 American Religious Identification Survey showed that upwards of fifteen percent of Americans identify as having no religion but that still leaves 85% of Americans who are believers, a majority of whom are Christians.

It can be tricky for an atheist or an agnostic to be open about their lack of faith in today’s world. People can lose their livelihoods over it; families can be torn apart by it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As more people come out as non-believers the stigma changes. Outspoken non-believers show the world that we are truly, “Good without God.” This show is for those of us still in the pews. It’s for those of us who want to come out but can’t seem to get there. It’s for those of us who know it’s a myth.

An extension of the Zombie Popcorn network ‘This Non-Religious Life’ is a weekly one hour show with new episodes debuting every Thursday at 8 pm ET. The show, hosted by me, Ken,  alongside my co-hosts Jason and Bob, seeks to highlight particular aspects of religious faith and the irreligious movement. The show will contain interviews with apologists/secularists, discussions about recent events, reviews of books/documentaries and all things free-thought related. Starting with the most common religion in the US, Christianity, this show will explore the key values, texts, and claims made by various denominations. Over time the show will move on to explore a variety of world religions including the claims of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, New Age/Wicca, and Hindu beliefs. All aspects of the religious claims will be examined from a secular perspective to highlight their issues, canons, and of course, the many absurdities contained within.

Our inaugural episode deals with the Resurrection Challenge. In September of 2011, youtuber Logos Apologia uploaded his challenge for sceptics to account for a set of five so called “facts” which he believed irrefutably proved the biblical account of the resurrection. We will examine his five facts, his initial rebuttals to them (which he issued to my original video response), a few points which I have made separately about some of his claims, and finish with a few final points regarding the honesty of his argument. We hope you have as much fun watching as we had filming and don’t forget to tune in every Thursday night at 8pm ET for new episodes.



If you have any questions, comments or outbursts please feel free to contact us by email ( NonReligious{at}Zombie-Popcorn.com ) or on the Zombie Popcorn Hotline: 757-337-2195.   You can also find ‘This Non-Religious Life’ on Facebook


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