This Non-Religious Life Ep. 5:  May 21, 2011 The Rapture

This Non-Religious Life Ep. 5: May 21, 2011 The Rapture


This will be the final broadcast of This Non-Religious Life before the rapture. That’s right, we’re beating a dead horse with this one but it is simply too good to pass up. I haven’t had this much fun with an end time prediction since…. well ever. Not even with the Y2K bug scare during my senior year of high school has there been this much buzz about something which was supposed to destroy the world. Speaking of which, I guess it was Y2K that sparked my interest; I was only twelve when Harold Camping made his previous prediction so a majority of my rapture end date experience has been with tabloid covers I read while waiting in line at a grocery store.

The amount of billboards, caravans, and general PR this prediction has gotten has really given this prediction a life of its own. Harold Camping of the Christian broadcasting company,Family Radio, has come out with the prediction that May 21 of this year will be the day that all the good Christians will ascend into heaven and the Earth will go through five months of perdition until it is destroyed completely on October 21. Camping, a former civil engineer, came about this particular prediction through some intensely fraudulent mathematics and calendar dates coupled with some interestingly mistaken interpretation of bible verses.

We actually had a chance to discuss this end date prediction with one of Camping’s supporters, albeit an independent supporter who is allegedly in no way connected with Camping outside of this claim, Brother Mike on The Talking Dead back on April 9. Brother Mike who runs performed the same mental jiujutsu on the air to explain his claims, all of which I explained away in an article written later.

One major question we had regarding this whole fiasco was, “How is this going to affect people’s lives, families and animal companions?” As it turns out some people are willing to simply euthanize their pets as they wait to be gathered up by Jesus on Saturday. This is an unfortunate turn of events as it will inevitably not happen and the full weight of their mistake will not be felt until it is too late. Another, and much more humane, option is a group of atheists offering a sort of apocalyptic pet insurance. For a small fee a Christian can insure their animals for ten years. Should the rapture happen the atheists, who would certainly be left behind, will tend to the animals, whoever said atheists lacked morals?

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