This Non-Religious Life Episode 14: An invitation to discuss the Shroud of Turin

This Non-Religious Life Episode 14: An invitation to discuss the Shroud of Turin


If you have been following the show for the past several months then you probably remember back in episode 3 when Jason, Bob and I discuss the Shroud of Turin. Picking a youtube videothat we felt best portrayed the apologetics for the shroud in a point by point manner we had a discussion about the facts, or so they are called.Shortly after the broadcast went live we received some feedback from one Dan Porter. Dan runs an apologetic blog on the shroud. It was in this capacity that he directed his rebuttal. He wrote a blog, and then left a comment on our episode on youtube “calling us out” on what he saw to be shoddy academic footwork. His comment was marked as spam, something that none of the hosts of this show did. It should be known now that we strive to not censor comments, regardless of how vitriolic.

Mr. Porter then wrote a second blog about us, this time about how his comment was marked as spam. Within a few days I had reached out to Dan to ask him to come on the show, perhaps he could give us some arguments we had not heard and we would be willing to listen. I read my email to him on the show, I have yet to get a response from Mr. Porter. About ten days later, Jason left a comment on the first blog, reaching out in the same way. We have still not heard word from him. This episode comes as a comment was left on our video concerning the Shroud just this past week.

We enjoy discussions and we are all about facts if you have them. Both of our invitations to Mr. Porter were pleasant and it can be seen from our discussions with Brother Faqaan Ali andBrother Mike that we are more than accommodating to guests who have view points which are not our own. Should Mr. Porter desire to continue driving traffic to our show, so be it, but if he is going to pretend that he “got us” then he should come on the show for a civilized discussion when asked.

So that it can never be said that we hide behind our cameras and keyboards remember that if you enjoyed the episode or want to complain about something you think we got wrong, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], like us on Facebook or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195.



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