This Non-Religious Life Episode 16: Christian Terrorism

This Non-Religious Life Episode 16: Christian Terrorism


In this episode we take a look at the history and present manifestations of Christian terrorism. In our society we tend to imagine terrorism as something intrinsically linked with the Middle East, and scary foreigners. In doing this we forget the bloody history of our own culture.

Going back to the beginning of the last millennium, Christians slaughtered and pillaged lands of non-believers. On the way to the holy land, Crusader knights were known to often stop along the way to exterminate whole settlements of Jews in Eastern Europe. During the Inquisition simply not being Christian was enough to get one tortured or killed. Heresy was an offence which could get one burned at the stake; this included simply being the wrong kind of Christian. Now, as Bob points out at one point, barbarous actions are not out of the ordinary in barbarous times, which the Middle Ages most definitely were.

In more modern times we have people firebombing clinics that provide abortions if not outright killing the doctors themselves. In Norway, Anders Brievik went on a killing spree because he believed that he needed to defend Europe for Christianity. In the wake of so much violence, how can people defend a set of religious views which can be so naturally interpreted as meaning to cause such acts?

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