This Non-Religious Life Episode 17: ‘The Recap’

This Non-Religious Life Episode 17: ‘The Recap’


So it has finally happened; Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has gone through with his prayer and fasting vigil. You may remember us discussing this at length in previous episodes. We even had a fund raiser to attempt to get us to the event.

In this episode we recap the event with Jason giving us blow by blow accounts of the crying and singing… which it seemed to make up about 90% of this several hour long affair. We delve into the not so surprising fact that though the promotional material for ‘The Response’ focused on the terrible problems facing America’s future, like the budget problems, there was more talk of typical Christian issues like abortion. We also highlight the fact that there were food vendors at a prayer and fasting event!

Near the end of the episode we also got into the US Air Force training program for nuclear missile officers headed by Chaplin, Captain Shin Soh. A sort of “nukes for Jesus” training program to teach the people with their fingers on the button what God has to say about reducing entire populations to glowing ash. You can check out the slide show that accompanies the training program, here.

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The Rick Perry’s Prayer-a-poolza was taken from Bill Maher’s Facebook page.

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