This Non-Religious Life Episode 18: Special Guest, Jake Rhodes

This Non-Religious Life Episode 18: Special Guest, Jake Rhodes


This week we give the spotlight to one young nonbeliever so that he can tell his story. Though the hosts of this show grew up in varying degrees of Christian upbringing, from Bob’s extremely sparing Methodist upbringing, to Jason’s Southern Baptist roots, to Ken’s Anglo-Catholic childhood, none of us can say we were brought up as conservative Christians, let alone as fundamentalist. What interested us most was that Jake, our guest for this week, grew up in the Church of God, an ultra fundamentalist conservative Pentecostal Christian sect.

As with so many of us, Jake reasoned himself out of belief. He began reading the bible and taking note of the contradictions, errors, and discrepancies. In the end, he found he could no longer call himself a Christian and began defining himself as agnostic. He wrote a treatise on why he could no longer believe and sent it out to friends and family. The essay is in depth and covers a number of common issues such as the idea of a loving God commanding the Israelites to genocide, the conflicting genealogies of Matthew and Luke, and church history. Reading Jake’s essay was a great experience for us and we hope you enjoy listening to him tell his story. Enjoy the show!

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