This Non-Religious Life Episode 3: Response to Viewer Feedback

This Non-Religious Life Episode 3: Response to Viewer Feedback

Though it is easy to see that Jason, Bob and I love doing the show, this show is not for us, but rather for all of you viewers. With that in mind we took the opportunity to address some viewer feedback in this episode. We got two emails from viewers with questions regarding Episode One: The Resurrection Challenge.


The first question was about the burial shroud of Jesus. Now since the viewer didn’t specify which shroud (yes there have been several) we assume it was the famous Shroud of Turin. Bob and spent all week coming up with explanations for the various arguments for and against the authenticity of the shroud. Bob got so into it that you can see that he has several pages of hand written notes in front of him regarding names, places and events. We also decided to use what we thought was a well put together video discussing the shroud from a believer’s perspective by YouTube user Most Holy Family Monastery.

The second question was about the stone blocking Jesus’ tomb and the guards put on duty as described in the Gospel of Matthew. This gets into my area of expertise which is textual analysis of the New Testament. This question makes for a good place to point out that the resurrection narratives in each of the four gospels are not consistent and there is no mention of a guard or guards in Mark, Luke or John, let alone that in each case different people go to the tomb at different times of day and encounter different things resulting in them doing something different. This goes back to the main point I made in episode one that the Gospels are not historical documents but rather exaggerated stories about Jesus.

We love hearing from you so please if you have any questions, comments or outbursts please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195. We may just address your questions or concerns on the air.



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