This Non-Religious Life Episode 4: God and Genocide

This Non-Religious Life Episode 4: God and Genocide


This week we delve into the bullshit artistry which is… moderate Christianity? Wait, that can’t be correct, can it? When discussing the inane and asinine claims made by religious zealots one thinks of the Westboro Baptist Church, The Army of God, and Young Earth Creationist nuts like Kent Hovind and Ken Ham not moderate Christians. Well, it seems that even the so called moderates have their crazies. The poster boy for moderate Christian apologetics in the US is perhaps none other than William Lane Craig but don’t let the m-word fool you, he has made some claims that you would more expect to come from the mouth of a Pat Robertson-esque character.

William Lane Craig is a well educated and articulate defender of his faith with two Masters Degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Birmingham and a Doctorate of Theology from the University of Munich. He specializes in the historicity of Jesus, apologetics and the philosophy of time. Unlike his foaming at the mouth counterparts he is a Molinist who embraces progressive creationism rather than the idea of a young earth. However Dr. Craig does dabble in the intellectual dishonesty of the Intelligent Design movement and is a fellow of the Discovery Institute—but we aren’t going to fault him for trying to reconcile his theological faith with biology—at least not today. Today we want to examine a couple of emails he responds to on his website, Reasonable Faith regarding the ethics of God and the genocide of the Canaanites inDeuteronomy 7 and 20, and that is exactly what we do. His argument is long and drawn out, probably hoping to turn attention away from this glaring problem with God’s capriciousness, but when he does finally answer the question it turns out that according to Dr. Craig genocide is fine so long as God gives the OK; someone should remind him that this was also Hitler’s logic. The Catholic tradition of Jewish deicide and Martin Luther’s writings On the Jews and their Lies played an instrumental part in European anti-Semitism. Remember that Hitler was a Roman Catholic and that the Nazi German uniforms bore the slogan “Gott Mit Uns” (German: God With Us) on the buckles of their belts. Hitler publicly claimed to be doing God’s work throughout his reign.  [singlepic id=1569 w=320 h=240 float=left]

We dedicate most of the episode to the intellectual dishonesty, pretzel logic, mincing of terms, and outright falsehoods provided by Dr. Craig but we also discuss the new suggestion on the Zombie Popcorn Book Club Misquoting Jesus by Bart D. Ehrman and a comment we received in response about how we need to get ourselves a Recovery Version of the Bibleavailable through Bibles for America—I ordered every free book they offered. We also discuss Glenn Beck’s curious sway with the religious conservatives for someone who is a Mormon convert from Catholicism.

Enjoy the episode and remember that we love hearing from you so please if you have any questions, comments or outbursts please feel free to contact us at nonreligious[at] or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195 .  We may just address your questions or concerns on the air.



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