This Non-Religious Life Episode 61: The Cranks Come Out At Night

This Non-Religious Life Episode 61: The Cranks Come Out At Night


In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado it was only a few hours before the cranks came out to spin this event in their favour. We spend this week looking at just some of those crackpot ideas be it that the shooter was a plant for the government or that this is the result of America turning away from “Christian values.”

The morning of Friday, July 20th we all woke up to hear the terrible news about how a dozen people were dead and many more injured due to a shooting at the midnight premier of the newest installment of the Dark Knight series. It wasn’t long before I saw some of my facebook friends who are more inclined to less than critical thinking posting a story from the professional crank supply site, NaturalNews. The self proclaimed “health ranger” Mike Adams goes on to describe how this was all a set up, how the shooter had to have known in advance the exact moment when to open fire to coincide with the movie thus “proving” he had inside connections with the movie industry and how his “elite gear” is irrefutable evidence that he was put up to it by the military. It takes us less than half the show to go over these points and show how they are all fallacious examples of anomaly hunting.

Then there are the religious nutjobs. All starting with Tea Party Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) airing his opinion about how the events which transpired are the result of America turning away from God and Christian values. Of course the religious right took this pass and ran with it. The Westboro Baptist Church organized a “super picket” of the vigil for the victims. Then there’s the ever so disgusting American Family Association’s radio show which featured Jerry Newcombe of Truth In Action Ministries discussing how the Christian victims will go to heaven and the non-Christians will go to hell, and thus it isn’t really a tragedy.

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