This Non-Religious Life Episode 67: We’re Back!!

This Non-Religious Life Episode 67: We’re Back!!


We’re back! It’s been about three months since our last broadcast and I am thrilled to announce that Jason and Bob have joined me on the best… er… west coast. With the command center back up and running we can start rolling out new episodes of Zombie Popcorn’s This Non-Religious Life and man, do we have some ground to cover.

This episode we discuss our three for three run where we call bullshit on end of the world predictions. With the most anticipated end of world scenario, December 21, 2012, coming and going without a so much as a hiccup we are ready to take on the next big doomsday prediction. What will it be?

Also, we discuss the Pope’s interfaith alliance to rally against same-sex marriage (more of the same), and Pat Robertson saying something crazy. So stay tuned, sit back and enjoy! we’re happy to be back ranting in your ear.

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  • Dan M1

    December 31, 2012

    Looks to be quite wothwhile

  • Rube O2

    December 31, 2012

    I so want to see this one


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