This Non-Religious Life Episode 68: Popery Not So Calmly Considered

This Non-Religious Life Episode 68: Popery Not So Calmly Considered


This week we discuss a few more recent occurrences since we took our break. The first is the Pope’s blessing of the Ugandan bill that will condemn anyone who happens to be homosexual to death. Bob and I really let loose with our thoughts about how any person who is watching this transpire still be a Catholic.

Second, we discuss our second favourite, and by that I mean least, person, David Barton. We examine his playing fast and loose with numbers to end up with his own story. We discuss how Barton tends to massage facts to fit his narrative rather than building a conclusion on where facts point.

Third we discuss Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting he claimed that God didn’t prevent the tragedy because prayer was taken out of school.

Finally, I share with our viewers my new favourite board game, Playing Gods. In this amazing game you choose a religion (I like being Buddha with a chaingun) and wage divine war against your fellow gods. You build up your religious sects while converting other’s sects or killing them off with natural disasters. Definitely worth it to check it out if you see it in a store.

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  • Matt1

    January 23, 2013

    Do you think Pope John Paul II would’ve blessed the Uganda bill?


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