This Non-Religious Life Episode 70: (Not so) Specified Complexity

This Non-Religious Life Episode 70: (Not so) Specified Complexity


We’re back! I know we said that before but this time we really are. It’s been a crazy past few months with Bob, Jason and I all transitioning with moves, both physical and career wise.

We kick off today’s show with a chat about the trumped up idea of “Specified Complexity.” This is an argument which is new to all three of us and we were interested in learning about it. The so-called “theory” has a lot of the trappings of a legitimate argument, complex mathematical equations; apparently reasonable amount of “studies;” and, of course, is complicated enough to make someone’s head spin. However, the whole concept is utterly bogus! Actual scholars in fields like mathematics and complex systems theory seem to feel like the idea of specified complexity is nothing more than bogus math and arguments from ignorance.

Bob and I then get into a series of rants about the fact that North Carolina is debating legislation to create an official state religion, cheerleaders with bible quotes, and hipster Jesus. All of this, with the usual wit and demeanor of our characteristic selves (for which I apologize!). Without giving too much more away, I welcome you all back to our little show. We’re glad to get back into this!

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