This Non-Religious Life: Episode 8: Christian Nationalism and the Religious Right

This Non-Religious Life: Episode 8: Christian Nationalism and the Religious Right


In this episode we take a step away from the more abstract and academic discussions of Christianity and focus on the here and now. In the United States the separation of church and state is an issue which is debated heavily from the religious conservative side of the aisle. Law-makers have outright said that the basis for a “separation of church and state does not appear in the US constitution and anyone who reads into the first amendment is being intellectually dishonest.

This literalism leads many conservatives to blur, if not completely ignore, the lines that should separate their official legal capacities and their personal religious ones. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry has issued a call to all forty-nine other governors to attend a Prayer Summit on August 6th in Houston. Those who have already said they either will attend or will try to make it are Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, and Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. The summit is framed as being generically religious and is free to attend. The governor extends the invite to all people of faith but asks that they pray to Jesus Christ… which sounds an awful lot like endorsing one religion over another.

The prayer summit is being organized not just by the Governor, but in cooperation with the American Family Association, a Christian nationalist group which aims to change American culture “to reflect Biblical truth on which it was founded.” The AFA is a designated hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their outspoken anti-gay sentiments and defamation. The fact that they want to change American society which was founded primarily by deists, as a secular republic, into a Christian theocracy is at the root of the culture war which is going on in America. The United States may be a nation that is primarily Christian but it has never been a Christian nation.

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