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One of my childhood bands that I still listen to today is Citizen Fish, including the other bands that is associated with Citizen Fish- Subhumans and Culture Shock.

A quick run down of the association:

Citizen Fish- the original members were Dick Lucas (vocals/words), Jasper (bass), Trotsky (drums), and Larry (guitar).  Larry left the band and was replaced by Phil, who, along with Dick and Trotsky, had previously been a member of the Subhumans. Jasper and Dick had previously played together in Culture Shock. In July 2006, Silas replaced Trotsky on drums.

Anyway, Citizen Fish is a band that you will always find me singing along with – ask Mylie, she makes fun of me everytime they come through my speakers. In fact, on August 31, 2009 I am going to have a Citizen Fish, Culture Shock and Subhuman day on Zombie Popcorn Radio – all day – so tune in!

Back in Dec, 1995,  I traveled to El Paso to see Citizen Fish… (more after the break)

So, I was happy to hear that Citizen Fish have released another video, the first being ‘Gaffer Tape.’  The new one is called, ‘Underwater Overground’ and you can get both films on one DVD. So lets sing along and watch the trailer below…

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