Wanderlust 3D


Watch Wanderlust 3D here
The above video requires anaglyph 3D glasses – you know, the red and blue kind. (to play the video just click on the video screen and hit your ‘enter’ or ‘return’ button on your keyboard.) [singlepic id=601 w=100 h=50 float=right]

I was in NYC when Bjork had a premier screening of this video at Deitch Studios in Long Island City. Sadly, I was not able to attend the screening. (Sometimes, you just have to work)

So, I am happy to say that I can share Bjork’s Wanderlust 3d video with you. Enjoy!

Also, if you want to buy the CD that has the 3d video you can grab it here.

This super rare deluxe packaging includes two twelve inch vinyl singles, one CD single and a NTSC/Region 0 DVD featuring the 3D ‘Wanderlust’ video.


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