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ohGr creates some of the most amazing projects.    Side note: ohGr is a band formed by Nivek Ogre, of Skinny Puppy, and musician/engineer Mark Walk.

The latest, which was released on 10.10 is Welcome To Collidoskope, but before I go into to details – let me bring you up to speed.

“A Morse Code signal was discovered on the http://devilsinmydetails.com. When decoded it read “This Web Site Has Been ComPromised. We Are Currently Searching For A Secure Location To DIsTRIButE New Information. Once This New Location Is Secure, You Will Be Given The Necessary COOrDInATES” Deciphering the capital letters in the statement produced a number 1921201814. Images were posted and removed along with other sound bytes and a program was introduced of an Oliver typewriter. Mark Walk posted anagrams in messages on the ohGr forums such as Woof Hut Video Hack and Ouch Wife Hot Vodka. These anagrams revealed whodoihavetofuck. When typed into the Oliver typewriter, “you’ve cracked the code”. Click and thehttp://www.whodoihavetofuck.com website opened. When the number 1921201814 was input, the message “MORE TO FALLOW 10.10.09” opened.

At http://www.whodoihavetofuck.com, another puzzle appeared before 10.10.09. It revealed another number set which was ten digits. Dialing this number on your telephone reached a voice mail box with instructions to leave a message saying “Welcome to Collidoskope”. The voice mail message was removed shortly after and replaced with “The bidding has ended for this item”. The webpage was recoded with one text line an stated “The game plays itself in every devision of life” as a sound played through an embedded hidden video.

When 10.10.09 arrived, a new website is discovered, http://www.wdihtf.com, The other sites changed and the new site included an introduction movie with sounds moving backward and forward. The forward message was “Mr. and Mrs. Jones walked up to the house now misowned” and backwards it said “Mr. Brown, what’s goin on? Answer, Where is the answer? People work and everday they come to home to see their houses torn apart. Wake Up. Tick. Tick.” A new Oliver Typewriter program was implimented as well. During the loading screen, a message blinked “Entering Room”,”Define a great Life?”,”A solopsist might say pain is needed to appreciate pleasure.”,”Can I prove to you that I exist?”. After the load completed “Welcome to Collidoskope” appears. This time, there were more pieces to the puzzle. The most crucial was clicking the security keypad and submitting your email address. This would send your email a link to the new ohGr song “Welcome to Collidoskope”.

So what is next in this puzzle of sound and mystery?

Can you crack the code?

There  is only one way to find out – play ohGr’s game….

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