World of Warcraft co-creator unveils new ‘zombie MMO’

World of Warcraft co-creator unveils new ‘zombie MMO’


World of Warcraft co-creator Jeff Strain has announced a new zombie survival game for the Xbox Live Arcade.  [singlepic id=1510 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The game is currently code named ‘Class 3’ and it is not your typical zombie game.  It is going to be an open world that will empower you to try out your real world zombie survival plan.  When they day your survival plan they mean it.  Your challenges in this game is not only to survive a zombie infested world but you must fight and/or search for food, water, shelter, ammo and all the resources you need to stay alive.

Jeff had this to say about the idea behind the game,

“We wanted to build a game around the central question of ‘What would you do in the zombie apocalypse’.  We’ve all had the experience of going to a great zombie movies, coming out with our friends and grabbing a beer and, you know, you sit around talk about what your personal strategy is. Would you go to a helicopter, would you try to get on a boat, would you get in a car and try to drive to some remote farm somewhere — everyone has their own idea of how they’d survive. We thought it would be fun to build a game around that concept.”

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