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If you caught last weeks episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio, you would have been introduced to our next guest, Lisa Phillips.  [singlepic id=1181 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Lisa is a

  • Spiritual Advisor
  • she preforms Psychic Readings and will do one live on the show.
  • Medium
  • she does Physical & Spiritual Energy Cleansings
  • she also does Law Enforcement Cold Case Readings.

For over 25 years, Lisa Phillips, also fondly known as “MamaLisa,” has been assisting and guiding people to
the wonderful life that is theirs through her psychic insight and angelic-guided mediumistic abilities. She is
always in demand by those in need of spiritual assistance and demonic cleansings.

She recognized her calling as well as her various abilities at the tender age of 3. Her father, a strict and
unyielding fundamental spiritual warrior, discouraged this development. However, in her teen years she began
to fully embrace her natural and God-given gifts through the help of her angels and also started building her
relationship with God and the Powers That Be. Lisa was schooled in communicating with the angelic realm and
also learned how to discern demonic entities as well.

With over 2 decades of hands-on experience after performing countless energy healings, cleansings, and
exorcisms, she has developed a broad and unique set of skills. She also works closely with other gifted
mediums and energy healers and is in constant communication with the angelic realm which further assists her
in her work. Her strengths are her unconditional love, strong faith, wisdom, humility, and her joyous laughter.
She has been called to help people from all walks of life regardless of their religious beliefs or backgrounds,
and approaches each and every situation with great respect and sensitivity.

In addition, MamaLisa is one of the host of the popular Supernatural Encounters Radio Show which can be
heard on Para-X.com every Tuesday at 8pm EST.

She is available for a wide array of services including: consultations, spiritual counseling, spiritual development,
entity removal, psychic readings, seminars, and cold case readings for law enforcement. Her specialty is the
exorcism of malevolent and demonic entities. She is regularly sought out by both private homeowners and
paranormal groups who are dealing with these types of negative situations.

Along with all of that Lisa runs the  radio program called, Supernatural Encounters Radio with her co-host Nathan Levan.

So as you can see she is a very BUSY woman and we are very happy that she is taking time out to come on the show to talk with us.  She is even going to do a reading LIVE on air of me!

This is going to be an exciting show and not to be missed – Mark your calendars because on Saturday March, 27, 2010  7-9pm (EST) – Zombie Popcorn Radio is getting other-worldly.

If you want to listen to Lisa’s shows you can find the links on Supernatural Encounters Radio and you can listen to past episodes on ParaxVision

Watch live streaming video from teladio at livestream.com

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  • Kendall Barbone2

    April 7, 2010

    Having done a search for psychic mediums on Bing I came across your blog, and am I thankful I did. I am impressed with the quality of information I have discovered here, and I am sure that this will be not only helpful to me but to others too. I have added you to my list of favorite blogs and will be back on a regular basic


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