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In this episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio we look into the mind that created a new vision of vampires, werewolves, parasols and tea – the wonderful and talented, Gail Carriger.  [singlepic id=1337 w=320 h=240 float=right]

New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger began writing in order to cope with being raised in obscurity by an expatriate Brit and an incurable curmudgeon. She escaped small town life and inadvertently acquired several degrees in Higher Learning. Ms. Carriger then traveled the historic cities of Europe, subsisting entirely on biscuits secreted in her handbag. She now resides in the Colonies, surrounded by fantastic shoes, where she insists on tea imported directly from London. She is fond of teeny tiny hats and tropical fruit. The Parasol Protectorate books are: Soulless (Oct. 2009), Changeless (March 2010),Blameless (Sept. 2010), Heartless(2011), and Timeless (2012). Soulless won the ALA’s Alex Award.

Gail is the author of the The Parasol Protectorate Series. The books are comedies of manners set in Victorian London: full of vampires, dirigibles, and tea. They are either Jane Austen doing urban fantasy, or PG Wodehouse doing steampunk. Soulless, Book the First, came out October 2009 and the ‘Soulless’ audiobook was named one of Audible‘s top 20 sleeper hits. Changeless, Book the Second, in March 2010 and is a New York Times Bestseller. Blameless will be released September 1, 2010 from Orbit US. Heartless is due out Spring of 2011, and Timeless in the Spring of 2012.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Gail, her work, her strong dislike of sweet tea, steampunk, food and other things you would never think would come up in an interview is revealed here on Zombie Popcorn Radio.

So, put the tea pot on because for the next 2 hours sweet iced tea is not welcomed here, and enjoy this wonderful evening with Gail Carriger.

and in Grindhouse vision

If you want to learn more about Gail’s work you can visit her site, Gail Carriger. com

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