Zombience 2: Tribal Ambient

Zombience 2: Tribal Ambient


It is time for episode two of Zombience!


001- 1:07
Intro Music by Paul
(Frore Axis Mundi)

1:08 – 9:54
Vidna Obmana
Crossing the Trail
Mission Ground

9:55 – 17:24
Alio Die and Antonio Testa
Healing Herb’s Spirit

17:25 – 26:59
Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana
Well of Souls
The Gathering (Excerpt)

27:00 – 35:50
Axis Mundi
Axis Mundi (Excerpt)

35:51 – 40:49
Robert Rich
The Promises of Silence
Black Skies

40:50 –  50:39
Temps Perdu?
Earth Story
The Patterned Flow

50:40 – 103:53
Steve Roach
On This Planet
On This Planet

Outro Music by Paul
(Frore Axis Mundi)
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