Zombies of the World and D&D

Zombies of the World and D&D


In this episode we hang out with Ross Payton, creator of  Zombies of the World. icon

Zombies of the World is an awesome book that explores, in detail, all the zombies …eh, of the World. The book explores their evolution, migration and current zombie research efforts. This is not your typical zombie field guide – this book will answer those zombie outbreak questions that get you in fight with your friends.

If you want to pick up a copy of Zombies of the World you can it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at Zombies of the World website.

The last half of the show Ross and Bob totally geek out and go into great detail about zombies and role playing games.  It is fitting because Ross runs the site Role Playing Public Radio.

We also talk Jack the Giant Killer and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the movie!

Get your twenty sided dice ready because we are about to roll a natural 20 in this episode of Zombie Popcorn’s The Talking Dead!

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